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The Changing Face of AK and HI

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Here's some data that i compiled together from the latest US Census demographic estimates release of races in Alaska, Hawaii, etc.

Alaska continues to see growth in its minority population year after year and Hawaii continues to see a larger increase of Blacks, Hispanics and Caucasians adding to the already diverse mix of peoples.

Alaska and Metros/Cities - The Hispanic and Asian population continues to grow fast around the state.


Hawaii and Metros/Counties - The Hispanic population finally grows beyond a 100,000 and the Black population is now the fastest growing racial group with a growth rate of 27% since the 2000 Census and one of the highest in raw numbers each year. While others states/cities are seeing high growth rates of Asians, Pacific Islanders and Two or More Races of which Hawaii are well established in Hawaii. Hawaii is experiencing the opposite and seeing more growth in the relatively under-represented racial groups.


I will be posting other statistics in this thread soon. So check back for updates! :D

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Here are some highlights from estimated data from the annual "American Community Survey" by the U.S. Census.

An important note to keep in mind when viewing this data: Data are limited to the household population and exclude the population living in institutions, college dormitories, and other group quarters. It's basically a guesstimate based on sample data.

These are some select ancestries that were made available for those of "single ancestry" meaning not mixed with anything else for Hawaii, Alaska and Puerto Rico.


Alaska 2005 select "single response only" ancestries:

American: 38,446

German: 35,223

Irish: 20,298

English: 18,260

Mexican: 14,442

Filipino: 13,709

Norwegian: 10,076

Puerto Rican: 2,894

Korean: 5,763

Samoan: 1,721

Laotian: 1,562

Dominican (Dominican Republic): 1,400

Hmong: 1,285


Anchorage 2005 select "single response only" ancestries:

German: 19,896

American: 18,734

Irish: 11,420

English: 10,969

Mexican: 9,651

Filipino: 7,403

Korean: 5,345

Norwegian: 4,499

Puerto Rican: 1,818

Dominican (Dominican Republic): 1,400


Fairbanks 2005 select "single response only" ancestries:

American: 8,094

German: 4,594

Irish: 2,410

English: 2,177

Norwegian: 2,056

Italian: 1,724

Russian: 1,168

Polish: 1,044


Hawai'i 2005 select "single response only" ancestries:

Japanese: 200,893

Filipino: 185,029

Native Hawaiian: 75,305

Chinese , except Taiwanese: 53,096

Puerto Rican: 36,077

Mexican: 29,524

Korean: 26,085

German: 18,808

Portuguese: 15,583

Laotian: 2,917

Guamanian or Chamorro: 2,112

Thai: 1,945

Slovak: 1,169


Honolulu 2005 select "single response only" ancestries:

Japanese: 161,568

Filipino: 136,710

Chinese , except Taiwanese: 49,572

Native Hawaiian: 46,696

Puerto Rican: 25,073

Korean: 23,679

Mexican: 15,475

Laotian: 2,888

Guamanian or Chamorro: 2,050


Hilo Micropolitan Area 2005 select "single response only" ancestries:

Japanese: 17,716

Filipino: 15,726

Native Hawaiian: 12,753

Mexican: 6,505

Puerto Rican: 6,245

Portuguese: 4,763


Kahului-Wailuku Micropolitan Area 2005 select "single response only" ancestries:

Filipino: 22,494

Japanese: 13,139

Mexican: 5,694

Puerto Rican: 3,501

Portuguese: 2,999

German: 2,408

Chinese: 1,635

Korean: 1,508

Italian: 1,311

French (except Basque): 1,898

San Juan Metropolitan Area 2005 select "single response only" ancestries:

Dominican (Dominican Republic): 62,168

Cuban: 17,451

Mexican: 9,402

Asian Indian: 5,171

Colombian: 4,206

Chinese: 2,749

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The work forces of Alaska and Hawaii continues to grow and as of July both States broke records for their largest work force populations ever. However, Alaska continues to see high unemployment rates. I'm not sure how the BP oil thing will affect it too.

Alaska seasonally adjusted:

Workforce: 347,105

Employed: 322,698

Unemployed: 24,407 or 7.0%

Alaska's Work Force


Unemployed rate



Hawaii seasonally adjusted:

Workforce: 651,959

Employed: 632,221

Unemployed: 19,738 or 3.0%

Hawaii's Work Force


Unemployed rate



More Stats for Hawaii, Alaska and Puerto Rico.

2005 Housing Units according to the Census


Top 5 Largest Metros In The Region


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