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Murfreesboro After Dark

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I thought that it was time to take a look at Murfreesboro after dark. Long labeled a suitcase city, Murfreesboro actually has a healthy night life with new clubs joining the roster every year. Whether one chooses to go out and dance the night away or hang out with friends, the options are available here in the Heart of Tennessee.

Wall Street




Club Drink (Chattanooga Has One Very Similar)


Club Sweetwater



Liquid Smoke


Plaza Garibaldi




Temptation Club


Formerly The Player's Club (Murfreesboro's First and Only Gay Club)


Other Interesting Night Shots

Bumpus Harley Davidson


La Mar's (Ok, so it's not a club, but it's a cool donut shop)


Enchanted Planet/Stone Keepers/Tatoo Parlor (A few alternative shops for tantrics, tatoos, handcrafted jewelry, incense, spice, and everything not so nice)


The Public Square


Courthouse Clock


Maple Street Corner




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I can't believe you posted a picture of Stampede. I've never been there, but Sidelines (MTSU's student newspaper) reviewed it saying something to the effect of: "Too country for Tennessee. Seriously." :D My wife and I used to live in Rivermont Apartments, which is on the other side of the Marathon gas station from Stampede. It sure seemed to be a popular place. We could occaisionally hear the bass thumping from inside our apartment. That didn't make me especially fond of Stampede.

On a lighter note I went to The Mellow Mushroom on S. Rutherford Blvd. (just up from MTSU) on Friday night. I had never been there before, but the atmosphere and beer selection were nice. I was there to see my friend's band play. They put on a great show!

I'm not a big fan of Bluesboro. It's a bit too noisy for me, though if you're into karaoke, it's your place in Murfreesboro. I much prefer Wallstreet. I once went to Liquid Smoke to see another friend perform and found it to have a nice atmosphere.

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