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Affordable housing on Daniel Island


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The Daniel Island Neighborhood Association decided to drop a lawsuit earlier this week against Charleston concerning zoning for the island's affordable housing units. The group filed suit at the end of 2005, appealing the Board of Zoning and Appeal's decision to allow an exception to the city's zoning for the sake of affordable housing. While the city's original plan included affordable housing spread throughout the island, tax credits were only approved when rental units were kept close together, prompting plans for the 72-unit housing center under construction off Seven Farms Drive. The development is limited to families making less than 50 percent of the median income, which means a $28,000 income limit for a family of four.

The city's original plan is legit. I'm not surprised that the credits only got approved when the units were clustered together.

We never learn from history.

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Thats a shame. Its proven that when you mix all imcomes together, the neighborhood is fine, and it actually helps the poor. I'm not surprised by this. Daniel island is already becoming an exclusive place to live. This only reinforces that perception. The City should make it a law somehow so that this won't happen again.

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It's sad that the original plan was dropped for this "housing project" style of affordable housing. Living in a stand-alone affordable housing megaplex is demeaning for many people, especially in a nouveau-riche area like Daniel Island. Adults who live there may grow a thick skin, but its much tougher for their children. School is vicious enough without having your family's income advertised out in the open. It would have been far better to spread out the affordable housing, blending it in with other houses. That way, the residents would have a chance to be seen as individual families, not as "the people who live together in the projects."

It the original plan was dropped because of some technicality with the tax credits, it just shows how the class system is perpetuated by the law.

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