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If Charlotte didn't exist, what would be the largest city in NC?


If Charlotte didn't exist, what would be the largest city in NC?  

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  1. 1. If Charlotte didn't exist, what would be the largest city in NC?

    • Durham
    • Raliegh
    • Ashville
    • Greensboro
    • Winston-Salem
    • Wilmington

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I think there is a case for any of the cities to be the largest. Raleigh could still be the largest because its the capital but Winston or Greensboro could also be the largest because the banking industry that grew in Charlotte would have grown in the Triad. Alot of peope forget that NCCB (Nations Bank, then Bank of America) has roots in Greensboro. The bank had a dual corporate headquarters in Greensboro and Charlotte. But when the bank decided it wanted one location for a headqurters, Charlotte was the choice. So if Charlotte didnt exist, I would imagine Greensboro would be home to Bank of America today and the city might be very different and much larger. Of course Wachovia would still be in Winston-Salem and that city would also be a mega house. I think if Charlotte didnt exist, Both Greensboro and Winston-Salem's population might be doubled what it is today. The NBA and NFL would also be in the Triad.

But Charlotte became a magnet and sucked in most of the economic growth so the growth that would have gone to the Triad went to Charlotte.

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