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Shreveport Future

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If you can see the future then why not give out the lottery numbers!

Of the 2 black candidates Glover has more of a record that the public can read.

He was a city councilman and a state representative.

Bradley was a general manager of a CBS affiliate and well-known for his on air editorial rants.

One of these 2 is not like the other, the sad thing is that one of them will be the Democrat candidate for mayor. Too bad that the blacks in Shreveport don't vote en masse like they could, they do have the majority in this city. Until they learn to unite, to have a common voice then they can implement change and to stop crying about being the minority in this town.

Majority rules, so let them try it on for size and maybe i could start whining about everything.


Let the games begin,


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Last I heard, having lived in other cities didn't give one candidate an advantage over another. Or did I miss something? Had he lived in Detroit for most of his life, would he be more qualified than someone who grew up here and knows the area... someone who values the area? I think not.

By the way, Bradley has some good ideas but up until now he hasn't spoken much on his platform. He did, however, come right out of the chute saying he would clean up the city's "corrupt" police department. I think the man is still living in the 1950s, to be honest. Our current police chief has had no real scandals associated with him and was actually put into place after the NAACP raised hell until the old chief resigned over a black CRIMINAL being shot down by the police when being shot was actually much better than what he deserved.

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