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RaleighRob    1

Anyone watching the special on WRAL right now? It discusses how development and sprawl is affecting NC, pretty interesting.

Totally missed that. I wonder if it'll be repeated.

Anytime suburban sprawl gets some attention in the mainstream media, especially in this area, it's a good thing!!

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dmccall    1

I have to laugh. My first thought was the vision of Bill Leslie sitting on a rock next to a brook playing the flute for 30 minutes and grinning at the trees, happy trees. :D

I have a coworker whose husband is an extremely nice, shift-working, pickup truck driving, hunt every chance you get, yadayadayada (you get the picture). B. Leslie came and performed some guitar songs for them in church one Sunday, and then sold some CDs afterward. The husband the next day decided to listen to the CD driving around in his pickup, but was disappointed to find that every song was a flute solo. I can just imagine the moment, a few seconds into the songs, when he thought ,"Hey, that's not the guitar.....that's a flute...he didn't play a flute yesterday....I think I'll change it.....Hey, that's another flute song..." :rofl:

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