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Downtown Wheeler Airport to have major renovation

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This master plan is a way to ensure that it continues to operate as a first class reliever airport.

Steven Benson

The Star reported today that the Downtown Charles Wheeler Airport will undergo a very major renovation, one of the biggest and most expensive in it's 77 years of operation.

It is going to cost $70 million and will include major fixes like lengthening the runways and will realign hangers and taxiways.

The main runway is to be lengthened by 400ft and add 300ft of unpaved surface at the southwest and northeast ends.

The airport receives about 145k planes per year. This renovation should boost that number to 215k.

The full story was in the Kansas City Star.

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The repaving of the 15 in thick runway will be delayed till September because this project has been expanded.

The project's original cost was $12 million and that should increase but they don't know by how much.

It has been expanded to include removing and rebuilding some of the exit taxiways.

This is probably a seperate project from the above project. But both are of course in the same airport

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