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I was able to upload this final batch of pics from my trip to Clarksville. Not much new to see and these were the ones I did not originally select to post.

This blurry view of the Courthouse, for instance.


This was taken on Franklin Street from in front of the new Montgomery County Courts Bldg. I was actually trying to catch this dude on a bicycle but he eluded the picture. The building with the turret is actually a new building, I think.


The Roxy Theatre is a Regional legitimate theatre but was once a movie theatre. This photo does not do justice to the Art Deco styling of the building. The Roxy served as the backdrop for Cheryl Crowe's video for *All I Wanna Do.* The Roxy replaced a very lavish theatre which once stood on the spot called The Lillian.


Yet another view of the FM Bank currently under construction as seen from the Upland Trail Commerce Street pedestrian overpass.


View looking up Commerce Street from the Upland Trail pedestrian overpass. This is simply yet another view of the Criminal Justice Complex as well as the Customs House Museum.


Another view of the Criminal Justice Complex and a partial view of a parking garage.


The relatively new Sundquist Science Complex on campus of Austin Peay State University. Austin Peay has more Physics majors than any other University in the State so I suppose that might be a good place to go if one wishes to discuss Bohm's seamless whole or wave/particle duality - you know, just for kicks.


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