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Fort Point Channel District


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I agree - the activation plan has wallowed far too long in the conflicting interests of the developers and community advocates involved.

Most of these key players have representation on the board of the Friends of Fort Point Channel, which has just hired an executive director after years of searching.

Hopefully we'll see something more credible design implementation than kids carving pumpkins . . . but I wouldn't hold my breath.

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Beacon Capital Partners is selling Channel Center to a developer that plans to immediated begin to renovate one of the old warehouses into office loft space with ground floor retail. They will continue to redevelop the remaining buildings into office and residences, but will hold off on new buildings for now.


Like I say with all topics involving this area.....it will never achieve the vision that all the planners have until the Phase III of the Silver Line is completed (which Menino actually indicated he would push for as part of his new City Hall vision) and it is upgraded to LRT (which he didn't indicate).

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