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Dupont Circle Is Being Engulfed With Chain Stores and Restaurants

The shiny new awnings of Johnny Rocket's have inserted themselves into a formerly inviting stretch of Connecticut Avenue. Fortunately for me, I can simply avoid the place, but the almost monthly intrusion of a national chains is getting tiresome. I understand the math involved in commercial real estate. Independent shops can't afford to pay the tripled rents popping up on new leases everywhere. Change is inevitable, but I don't welcome having trash like Chipotle, Johnny Rockets et al spoiling the character of my neighborhood. The independent shops are thin on the ground and getting thinner. What can we do about this? The Area Neighborhood Council may be a start, but their effectiveness has been doubtful of late.

I know that nothing stays the same, but I'd hate to see Dupont Circle look like M Street in Georgetown. Sadly, that great thoroughfare has indeed become an urban version of a sterile mall.

This article in the Post says it all....

The Washington Post

Incidentally, I live in one of the buildings (behind the coffee shop with the awning) pictured in the photograph.

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Hopefully the local restaurants will continue to have a successful business and perhaps they can keep most chains at least at arms length. That being said there is nothing wrong with a few well known chains in the mix. Oh, and Johnny Rockets seem to be expanding everywhere as they recently added 2 stores locally here in VB - both in high traffic areas.

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