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What ever happened to West End


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I'd like to see something similar to what they have in Miami. Huge marinas with thousands of sailboats and cruisers, upscale and casual restaurants, etc... Miami even has their boat show on the water, where you can test drive the boats right there. Lake Ponchartrain would be a perfect location for the boat show, if it had the facilities to handle it.

This area just has so much potential. I'd like to see dozens of highrise condos, marinas, restaurants, night clubs, and retail. Perhaps even a boardwalk, rollerblade track, etc.... Let's bring the people back to the lakefront.

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:D Thanks for the article.

I think New Orleans can use West End to its advantage by building more hotels and more attractions of some sort. I also think they should construct a brand new beach in West End.

New Orleans really has a lot of projects going on. The city just needs to use them.

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What's going on with the L'Ultime project? There's a sign, but I have heard nothing about proposed groundbreaking.

I've wondered the same thing. If there's one thing I've learned from the recent unprecedented flurry of proposals, it is this:

1) This has never happened before in New Orleans, so my idea of how quickly the process should go is naive.

2) There's always a time when these projects go "quiet", then we wonder whatever happened to them... to be followed by a TP article about the groundbreaking.

So, check your TP for news of this project in the next 5 days or so. :D

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