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Going to Flint


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I know there is an old cemetary on the northwest side of Flint on Pasadena and Linden roads. You could drive right by it because I don't believe it has been tended to in years. Come to downtown Flint and stay a while, that would be my advice. You could stroll around looking at some of the projects that are going on down there. Make sure you check out the newly renovated lofts on First Street and South Saginaw. You could get some grub at Churchill's, the Torch or even Halo Burger! Also, take a look at Flint's newest building: the production center at the Flint Journal. It is on Stevens between First and Second Streets.

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actually there is Flint Cemetary, and Sunset Hills Cemetary. They are right by each other.

Flint Cemetary is on the corner of Linden Rd and Pasadena Ave. Sunset Hills is on Pasadena Ave, right by I-75.

but downtown( Saginaw St) would probobly be a better choice than the cemetarys, im not too sure how safe those areas are, but youd have to ask Flinttown, as ive never really been there.

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