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2 hours ago, spenser1058 said:

As mentioned, change is a big part of it and obviously we’ll cycle through that.

There’s also a big-picture issue at play. For the better part of a decade, the overweening idea was that UCF wasn’t a “real” school and just a glorified juco on steroids. There was enough truth to the accusation that everyone from the Board of Trustees on down went to great lengths to prove it wasn’t so. They mostly succeeded

Now, with the downtown campus, students are supposed to just say “Never Mind” to all that stuff about a “true college experience” , at least initially.

Because the Rosen School was so much lower profile (and because the nature of the program is quite career-specific), no one thought much about it.

Similarly, the postgraduate nature of many of the Nona programs didn’t lead many to worry about the lack of a Greek row.

This is a problem that’s imminently fixable (and especially as students find their way around Andy and his crew on the downtown bar scene), but the administration is going to have to be proactive in addressing it.

My guess is that for the most part, the main campus will be where primarily, out of area and out of state students live and attend classes, while the downtown campus will probably be comprised mainly of "local" kids who were already long time Central Florida/Orlando area residents, many of whom could jump in their cars and drive across town or to an adjacent county, to visit their parents.

IOW, the kind of "commuter school" kids that the main campus used to serve.

And who's to say a small version of a Greek row won't sprout up near CV? 

It's not like there's no available property in the immediate vicinity...




Nice little street for a few fraternity & sorority houses.

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