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New Construction at MEM


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Here's an article from today's CA concerning some upcoming projects at Memphis International Airport:


A few key highlights, in case you don't want to read the whole article:

-Starting this month and continuing through November, 2007, a new entrance road will be constructed to bring incoming traffic from Plough Boulevard to the terminal and parking garages.

-This is the second phase of a project to replace the dual-direction road that goes to the terminal with a new single-direction loop road. Instead of traffic lights, there will be exit ramps for traffic wanting to go to parking lots, the Raddison Hotel or other destinations near the terminal.

-The road is also being rerouted to make way for a new 300' control tower. The article says construction on the tower will begin in May, 2007.

-The new road will include an underpass to accomodate traffic exiting the Radisson and a nearby public lot.

-Design work is about to begin on a new 7-story parking garage with 6,000 covered parking spaces. This will double the airport's parking capacity. This new garage will be built to the north of the existing parking garage. Construction expected to start in late 2008.

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