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Battery Park Apartments Sold!

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National Church Residences won their battle for this property and now it's officially in their name. This is great news for the senior citizens living in the historic former downtown hotel. They will continue to be a part of our wonderful downtown! This building will also get a major renovation! That's even more good news for it's residents! If that Little Rock developer wants a luxury condo tower, he should built a new construction tower of 15 floors, to add to our skyline. ;)

Battery Park sale finalized

By FROM STAFF REPORTSMarch 15, 2004 10:25 p.m.

ASHEVILLE - An Ohio-based nonprofit corporation has completed its $4.7 million purchase of Battery Park Apartments, a 14-story apartment building downtown that offers subsidized housing for senior citizens.

A deed for the sale of the 122-unit building to National Church Residences of Columbus, Ohio, was filed March 1. A private partnership with members scattered across the Southeast had owned the building.

Church Residences said it plans to spend $3.7 million on renovations to the building, which was a hotel for several decades, and will continue to operate it for senior citizens. The organization owns or manages more than 225 senior citizen or family communities around the country.

A Church Residences official said in November 2002 that the organization planned to buy the building. The sale was delayed by a legal dispute among partners that was resolved recently.

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Battery Park Apartments are named for a geographic feature that is no longer there. (Battery Park Hill) When the original Queen Anne hotel burned to the ground, it was demolished and the hill was leveled.


The original Queen Anne Battery Park Hotel.


Battery Park Hill and the original Battery Park Hotel.


Removal of Battery Park Hill and burned remains of the old Battery Park Hotel.

Did you know?

...Wall Street gets it's name from the wall that once held Battery Park Hill.

...the roof of the old Battery Park Hotel was almost the same height above sea-level as the roof of the current Battery Park Apartments. :o

That gives you an idea of how high up the hill was. It's a forgotten piece of Asheville history.

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