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Yankee Stadium

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Great shots of Yankee Stadium. Did you go to two games - one afternoon and the other at night?

Wednesday night, while carousing with friends in a bar, I caught glimpses on the plasma TV of the Orioles beating the Yanks.

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Great pics. I managed to go to a game there about 4 summers ago when I was in NYC for a few months. Unfortunately, I didn't own a digital camera then.

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Yankees suck! Should have gone over to Queens to see a real game at Shea Stadium! LOL

Nice pics though!

Thats exactly why the Mets lost that night. 3-11 :whistling:

Burt, the game was the one on Tuesday night around 7.

And thanks, guys :)

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I went there for the first and only time last summer (2005). I was fortunate enough to snag a foul ball in the ninth inning. How neat is that!

The stadium is awesome from a historical and traditional standpoint, but pretty bad with regard to convenience for fans. It's very crowded, hard to get in and out of and concessions are poorly laid out. I still have mixed feelings about replacing it. Glad I got to see the field where Ruth, Mantle, Dimaggio, et al played, though.

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Since this thread is going I thought I'd add to it.

Here's Jeter on deck


Damon batting & Jeter on deck


Posada batting




It was a 100 degree day in NYC, but that isn't sweat on the man's shirt. My drunk cousin spilled a cup of beer on the man's back during a pregame ovation for disabled war vets.






Interior stadium concourse.


Now compare the Yankee stadium inner concourse with that of the open air concourse at the new Philadelphia ballpark a(Citizens Bank Park).


This is similar to how the new Yankee park will be...you'll be able to see the game as you're standing in the concession line. I Hate to see the old ballpark go, but there will be many things which will be much better. Personally, I'd like to see NY get a third team and have them play there.....NY could support it...rather than have get torn down. But that's just a fantasy.

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