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East Grand Rapids Community Center - LEED Certified/Green Roof

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East Grand Rapids celebrated the opening of its new LEED Certified Community Center, incorporating new space and renovations of the library and city offices, and the addition of a massive new "Green Roof" overlooking Reeds Lake. Didn't get a chance to go inside, but here's a little photo montage:

Here's a small before picture of the library with its Pizza Hut roof:





It's unfortunate about the big parking lot out front, but I can understand when it was a renovation of the existing buildings.


You can get to the rooftop patio while staying outside, just by walking around the side of the library. The roof of the new addition is right at grade on the front. Think of it as a house with a giant walk-out basement.


One suggestion, add some kind of shading devices (umbrellas or trellices). On a sunny Summer day, when you want people to use it, it is HOT up there.




The lake looks inviting


Looking down on the new lakefront boardwalk


The entire area under the rooftop patio is newly constructed community space


Do a little fishing


The new back of the library



Back to the roof again





It will look even better once the plants take hold and fill in


The new street crossings and planters, near the RAPID bus stop


And the new bus stop


The project looks great! Anyone know who the architecture firm is? I didn't see it listed in the press articles.

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The great thing about this project is that it seems the community has taken a view of ownership over this. Looks very nice, especially the bus stop. Although that bus stop might not fair great for people that burn easy... :(

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What can you say? EGR does it again!

I drove though the area today.... 3 times :blush:

I just couldnt believe how incredible this place is looking. That community center is just amazing.

Kind of makes you wish GR had a big lake DT.

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This new community center is a nice addition to EGR. It's much better than the 60's/70's drab it replaced and more inviting.

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3/Dad, thanks for posting the photos! I was just there two days ago...I didn't know there was a terrace up top.

I parked ye olde Vespa right up close to the windows and grooved on the atmosphere of the new library. I had hoped it would be a tad larger than it is, but what an improvement over the shoebox that it was! I saw many half-empty bookshelves, so I'm hoping there will be many more books to come.

Yes, there needs to be much more shade outdoors...the old ozone ain't what it used to be.

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