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Beautiful Subways


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looks like I have a new bookmark...

I always loved Montreal's metro...

I don't get why everyone thinks Washington's is so beautiful, though. The pictures this site has for Washington weren't that great... and when I went on the metro it has this convoluted pricing scheme (yeah not a reason to dislike the aesthetics but a drawback nontheless) and I thought of the system to just look plain. When I was returning the train was rather empty and I couldn't help but notice how terrible the condition of the already ugly orange carpeting was on my train. Nice system, sure, but not the gold standard some make it out to be.

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For the US there are two stations I really like, one is a contemporary-traditional design for a station in the Seattle Bus Tunnel...

Westlake Station - Photo 1

Westlake Station - Photo 2

The other is a futuristic looking station in Boston's Silver Line Tunnel...

Courthouse Station - Photo 1

Courthouse Station - Photo 2

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