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NH Primary in trouble?

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The days of satelite trucks and news vans parked the entire length of Elm Street in Manchester in anticipation of the NH Primary may be over. The DNC has voted to place a Nevada caucus in between Iowa and NH, followed closely by a South Carolina primary. All four states would vote within 15 days of each other. Supporters argue that the new calender will add much needed diversity to the early primary voting schedule. Critics argue the new system will frontload the nominating calender by placing so many primaries within such a short time, disabling lesser known candidates. Nevada was chosen by democrats b/c of its large hispanic population and large union presence. Howard Dean has pushed for the new calender, while Bill Clinton has opposed it. Clinton's surprise strong performance in the 1992 NH primary helped propel him to the nomination, and eventually the presidency. Dean finished well behind Kerry in NH in 2004, after his politically disastrous Iowa concession speech. In NH, the Governor and Secretary of State, both democrats, have vowed to ignore the new schedule and place the NH primary one week after Iowa's. Should be interesting to see what happens.

Dems shake up nominating calender


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