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Austin is NOT a transportation hub


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Does Austin really only have ONE major interstate running through? Isn't this kind of odd? Does it hold Austin back in any ways?

It keeps people from being able to look off the freeway for more than 1 second at a time.

I've always thought it was odd that Austin had only one major interstate, especially since Texas spends so much money on their roads. But where would it go? I'm assuming there are other freeways (aside from the interstate) within the city, but I'm saying that without having visited so I'm not certain.

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The way I see it, Austin is doing just fine. But if there were to be another interstate, I would suggest 290 becoming an interstate, branching off of I-10 in Houston, then eventually hooking back up together in west Texas. A larger version of I-35 in Dallas-Fort Worth.

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If there were an east-west interstate in Austin, I am sure it would follow 290 West/ 71 East (Ben White) from I-10 near Columbus, and back to I-10 west of Fredricksburg.

Also, being that Austin has a great economy, and has been an extremely fast growing region for decades, I do not think only having one interstate has "held Austin back".

Lastly, as someone stated earlier, because we have only one interstate, does not mean that we have only one expressway. Loop 1, 183, and 290 East and West are all expressways; and we have 45 and 130 under construction.

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