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I really liked Flushing. Besides Fenton it was the only town Genesee County I visited that had actually preserved its downtown buildings.











In 1840, Flushing residents began holding religious services in James Seymour's sawmill. In 1842 the First Methodist Episcopal Church was organized. As part of the Flint River Circuit, the Methodists were ministered to by circuit riders. In 1846, James Seymour donated this site where three churches have been built. The first church, completed in 1848, burned in 1883 and was replaced later that year. The second church was razed in 1973, and the present church was erected."








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Zach! You missed the best part of Flushing!!! Well, maybe you didn't miss it, maybe you just didn't get a pic of it.

A & W, on Cherry St, (beside the park on the Flint River) about a block off Main St. Its the old drive-in style, complete with servers bringing your lunch and root beer in a frosted mug and hanging it on your car window. I'm sure the building has been updated, but the awning and parking have been there for a LONG time.

Flushing is a great example of "Small Town America" I wish the rest of the county's small towns had as much pride and success.

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I would argue that the best part of downtown Flushing is the Elbow Room. ;)

Although Riverview Park is great too; I had my senior pictures taken down there and there's a lot of scenery down there to work with. Plus the river is somewhat cleaner down there. :P

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Ok, I admit, the Elbow Room is a cool place too, but I'm sorry, NOTHING beats a really cute girl bringing your hotdogs and frosted mug root beer to your car on a summer cruise evening.

Then of course, you can run over to the Elbow Room for coffee ;)

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I didn't even know there was a drive-in A&W in downtown Flushing. I guess I should've left Main St. I surely miss the old A&W in Flint.

Nice collection of pictures, Zach! You've even shown me a few downtowns I haven't seen before. Instead of posting in every thread, I'll just keep it in your "best of tour".

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The corner building in the second to last picture, the mint greenish color one, is still an original red brick building, just that the bricks have been painted over. There's also a nice little park (Cornwall Park) right across from it (next to Kathy's restaurant), except I noticed last week that someone had stolen the umbrella off of the water sculpture.

I haven't tried it yet, but there's a sandwich shop called Maestro's that's supposed to be really good (my friend raves about their hummus).

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