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Providence -- an angry city?


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Not the kind of thing I relish posting, but something to chew on all the same:


Interesting, you gotta wonder about how meaningful this is. I do like Hartford's ranking though, comfortably on the least angry side.....

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Lists like these always amuse me. If anything, the Providence metro is angry because myself and my father live in it.

These rankings are always stupid, because they just rate cities based on certain criteria, crunch the numbers, and display whatever idiotic results the algorithm spits out, without someone doing a sanity check to make sure they make some sense.

That's how these surveys keep coming out rating Flagstaff as one of the "best places to live," and [email protected] like that. Whatever they're smoking, I'd like to try some....


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Yes I do think Providence's populous is angry (part of that may be the result of having such a densely populated metro), but isn't this whole thread on a topic that metro has stated will be closed as it's pointless and results in nothing but boosterism and/or vs. threads?

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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