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Art as traffic calming device in Cambridge


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In Cambridge a street mural is being used as a traffic control device at the intersection of Walden Street, Reservoir Street, and Vassal Lane. Planners hope the mural will force drivers to slow as they navigate the busy intersection. The plan stems from public art in Portland, Oregon that was found to slow drivers as they passed through intersections (though in the Portland case this wasn't the original intention).

Do you think this is a good method of traffic control? Would it work in other areas?

An artfully inexpensive bid to slow speeders [Boston.com]

Artful dodging: Drivers ignore $10G rotary [Cambridge Chronicle]

Gimme a brake [Cambridge Chronicle]

Cambridge: Where life and art intersect [The Boston Herald]

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We actually studied this concept in my bicycle/pedestrian planning class as a traffic calming measure. While it may seem like a distraction, it actually has proven successful. They have a lot of these types of non-traditional things in Europe, where the traffic engineers don't go crazy when you try something new.

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This is Boston. What on earth makes you think anyone notices this on the roadway to begin with. I could understand it working in some places, but around here people are too agressive and too focused on getting through the intersection to really bother paying attention to it.

I don't know, its pretty hard to miss. And since its so uncommon, people are bound to slow down and atleast think 'what the f***?'

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