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Wolfsburg & Volkswagen

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Yep... WOB has the biggest car factory (combiened) under one roof:


alone that picture shows the Forschung und Entwicklung ( Scientist & Development)

also shortform "FE":


here we seen die 1938 built "Kraftwerk"



and here we see almost the whole lenght of the factory at night:

...It takes 30 Minutes to walk alone from the "Kraftwerk" to the "Verwaltungshochhaus" which you see all the way on the end of that picture:


Here is the verwaltungshochhaus (Adminstration of VW) 13 stories high


Some Pictures cannot be with "img" Image displayed,

'but I do found them here:


A little bit history of WOB and the success story:

WOB -shortform for Wolfsburg- was until the mid 30'th just a couple little Villages like

"Fallersleben", "Vorsfelde", "Rothehof" und "Hehlingen".

From "Fallersleben" was the famous "Hoffmann of Fallersleben" who wrote the German

"Nationalhymne" around 1848 on the Island "Helgoland" which started with the phrase:

Deutschland Deutschland

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It's an interesting story and some of which I have heard before. I learned to drive in a 1965 beetle, which was built in the Wolfsburg plant and had the Wolfsburg symbol layered into the hub of the steering wheel.

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Never new all that about Porsche and VW. Thanks for the writeup. I found this funny:

"It was Porsche, Ferdinand Porsche, who had 1925 the Idea of building a small car, the "Peoples cars".

Porsche was an Ingenieur at Mercedes, but his Ideas were refused by the Mercedes Leadership, so he left Mercedes and opend up his own Ingenieur B

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I attended university in Braunschweig not far from Wolfsburg, so I have been by that plant many times on the way to Berlin or points east. It is a VERY impressive facility.

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