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Urban Reality Game in Charlotte


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In today's Creative Loafing there is an article about a company called Ravenchase that runs urban treasure hunt reality games for the public. They have already had one game in Charlotte and that is profiled in the Creative Loafing article: http://charlotte.creativeloafing.com/gyrob...oid=oid%3A66641

Here is the basic premis of the game from their website:

When solved, the first clue will reveal the race start time and location. Ravenchase staff will meet your group at the adventure start location to provide basic instructions, helpful hints, handmade treasure maps and some of the remaining clues (some clues may need to be discovered along the adventure). Solve all the clues in the shortest amount of time and you win the race. The final answer in the race will ultimately lead everyone to the chosen destination where tales will be told and fabulously tacky trophies and bragging rights will be awarded (and libations poured.)

This seems to be run in the same format as the show Treasure Hunters on NBC. It sounds like a lot of fun...has anyone on here done one of these? The next game is coming up in October.

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