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Crane pics from Dave's and Geek's crane tour Part II

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Dave, you'll have to help me with some of these locations near Vandy and Scaritt.

The Adelicia with Vandy in the distance






Icon site and The Gulch


Two crane bases



Terrazzo with Sliver and Madam X :sick:


Dave, want to help me with these?





West End Condos?


The End <_<

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Great job, SG. There were some cranes shown that I didn't know about. I was hoping the Icon cranes were erected by now, but at least they're on site. It going to be awesome when we see two cranes rising up at that site, one possibly up 22 stories in the air. Does anyone have any info on when they will start construction on Terrazzo? They've already had the ceremonial ground breaking, so I assuming it could be any day now.

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There was another crane at the East End community center site as well. I think Lexy will have some more later. In case anyone is interested, you can see at least a dozen form the gateway Bridge.

Great job Dave. I owuld bet that in a couple of months there will be at least 4 more up by my calculations, but a couple of the ones up now may be gone.

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Great pix, Geek. And a fun day.

From the question, down:

The red foreground cranes are from Vandy dorm construction taken from near Capers and 18th.

Crane hovering over the wooden structure is at Bristol West End.

Next two shots are from 1106 8th condos. The second show Gilda's Club in the foreground.

And the last one is the tall crane at The West End at 31st.

Ron, I saw the crane at East Park this afternoon on my way home. It's pretty big.

Those suckers are everywhere it seems, and to borrow a phrase we've used a lot lately, "you ain't seen nuthin' yet."

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