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Saginaw Fairgrounds


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I read on the Chesaning thread that Sagnaw County has moved its fairgrounds out of Saginaw. This is terrible news. Another piece of my childhood bites the dust.

Does anyone have more details?

Any memories of Saginaw or other county fairs?

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It's been out of Saginaw for a few years now. The fairgrounds have fallen into serious disrepair. I saw the once beautiful main entry gate off E. Genesee covered in Grafitti and starting to break apart. Very very sad. The area around it is one of Saginaw's worst neighborhoods in terms of crime. It was only a matter of time before people would stop coming unless the fair was moved.

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You're right, Lmich.

What is it about urban fairs?

We used to park in the neighborhood to the east of the Michigan State Fair in the 60s. From what I see on on Detroitblog , the area is pretty well devastated today.

Guess my mom would have to pay for parking now a days ...

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