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M. Brown

My Uncle's New Album.

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My Idol and my Uncle Maurice Carnes and his band the HipJaz Trio are coming out with there album called "Remembering Jean". The album is dedicated to my grandmother Jean Carnes who passed away in about 1996. If any of you heard of my unlce you should know that he is one of the best jazz drummers in the world. He played drums with Wynton Marsalis, Marcus Roberts etc. Infact my Uncle played drums on Marcus Roberts album called "Deep in the Shed" My Uncle playes local gigs in St. Louis. (He lives there along with the rest of my relatives). He plays at casinos in St. Louis. Here is his website. http://www.silvermanmusic.com/mauricecarnes.htm That is my Uncle Maurice playing his drums in that picture at that website. Be sure to listen to both music clips at his website. I hope you guys go buy this album when it comes out. (He composed every single song on the album as well ;) )

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