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Private Investors Want to Reopen Anderson Waterpark


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I really hope this can happen. I and a lot of people agree this was a serious mistake to close it as it would be another option down the hole to give Saginaw youth something to do. The city should seriously sell the waterpark for $1 or something.

Article: http://www.mlive.com/news/sanews/index.ssf....xml&coll=9

Just curious if any other forumers have been to the waterpark before. I have a ton of childhood memories at that place. My friends and I would still go there a few times even during high school. People were really well behaved there despite it being in a relatively high crime area. Wondeful memories, the 5 story waterslides, people always wondering if the water was treated from the sewage plant next door, getting screamed at for swimming against the grates in the wave pool. Actually, the lifeguards were always yelling at the people wading into the pools fully clothed. There was no doubt the waterpark was super expensive to run, but it was always crowded with people.

Also for any people who know a deeper history of the park. I hear people refer to that area as Waterworks park. I never really knew that.

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I remember going there a few times on our way to my Grandparents house near Midland or on the way back. Actually, thanks for the post, I have completly forgotten about that. The sudden rush of memories coming back to me feels so good. :blink: Ugh, anyway. Cool. Hope they re-open it soon. Gotta go.

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I know one of the guys involved in the deal from Oakland County and it seems the plan is solid. I'm just not sure is Saginaw city council will go for it. Hopefully they can come to an agreement on either a sale or rental or lease on the park and reopen it. It would be good for Saginaw and anyone that watches the news up here knows Saginaw needs something positive.

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