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Can NC vote earlier in the primaries? Lets Vote Earlier!

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I hear other states are moving thier primaries to an earlier date.

I admit that I hate watching last years candidates drop out because they ran out of money far before we could vote for anyone.

Optimally it would be all on one day. Does anyone else hate having Iowa and New Hampshire basically choose who should represent your party?

I was in California that year and there was only TWO candidates to choose from when it was our turn to vote.

Since North Carolina has the second largest banking city ( Charlotte ), we should have more input into the selection than what we have at the moment.

Let's try to get our state to vote the week after New Hampshire.

What are your thoughts on this?

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Why are our primaries late? Why doesn't everyone hold them at the same time?

A single-transferrable vote, and national primaries would do a lot to improve the candidates of the major parties.

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