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West Columbia, Cayce & Downtown Lexington

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They've started development on the brickyard area in Cayce next to the river. The bank building at Knox Abbott and Alexander has the same color of brick on it as the standard Vista brick. CVS is going to be short enough so that when you're driving into Columbia on Knox Abbott, once you pass Wendy's, Columbia's skyline and the Cayce bank building are really going creating a much denser urban atmosphere through there. It's looking great!

Does anyone know what's going in there in the brickyard area? I cannot believe they are actually FINALLY starting to do something with this long vacant, overgrown, and huge lot. I hope it's something public--wish we had more places to hang out with a view of the river over here, and that would be the perfect place IMO. A large deck overlooking the river with bistro seating would be most excellent, and would be packed with all the students who live over here in Cayce/W. Cola. Something similar to the development next to the aquarium in Charleston, for example, would be hot!

Please tell me it's something like that!

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WIS News just reported some details on the proposed development on Meeting St in West Columbia. It is to be called "Brookland", and will encompass housing, retail, and walking/biking paths. They said

Lubricant distributor for Cayce. http://www.columbiabusinessreport.com/news/51549-lubricant-distributor-locates-in-cayce   New apartment complex near SCANA headquarters. http://www.columbiabusines

Good question.  The townhomes on the Columbia side across from EdVenture seemed to have sold quickly.  These will have an amazing view and access to the riverwalk, not to mention walking distance to s

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When you consider that someone just found a cannon ball in the river (in the news yesterday) that is thought to have been used by the Confederates to slow Sherman down, I think it's a nice touch, as are the columns, but then I'm a native South Carolinian. You don't have to be obsessed with the Civil War or the Old South to appreciate special touches like that.

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I think the old canonnball is a nice historical touch, similar to the bronze stars on the Statehouse. Now if they make it the centerpiece of a Civil War shrine or something, THEN I'd have a problem, LOL.

I like the "Vista West" name better. It represents an extension of the Vista across the river, which, in essence, it is--both in feel and physical form.

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Upload your photos onto photobucket.com (free and easy to register). Image tags are automatically generated, therefore, you can cut and paste into the thread and the image can be viewed by the rest of us.

I drove by the site yesterday. The building is coming along nicely and they have cleared and graded the land next to the apartment complex (bordering the river).

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^ Drove by there today. The building looks decent. The CVS at State and Knox Abbott looks hideous.

I agree. I wasn't a fan of putting a CVS on that spot at all.

I also got caught off-guard by the street resurfacing on State St. It seems that some of the businesses on State St. got surprised by it as well--one day their street parking is there, the next it's gone, and one business owner told me he had no warning about it.

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The building is coming along nicely and they have cleared and graded the land next to the apartment complex (bordering the river).

Is it confirmed that there will be apartments there? last I heard, they were just clearing the land and putting some infrastructure in in anticipation of development in the area, but there were no plans other than that.

And the State Street repaving took everyone by surpise. Especially since they didn't close off the left turn lane in front of Parkland Plaza. Ruh-roh! Hope they corrected that.

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