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Scenic Murfreesboro

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This was originally posted to the Murfreesboro forum today but thought some on the Tennessee forum might enjoy the photos.


Yes, I know that most of us here love nothing more than to see cranes, bulldozers and scaffolding and the more the better. However, I do want this series of photos to serve as a reminder of some of the natural beauty which is around the 'Boro. I wish that "progress" did not have to come at the expense of so much of this beauty as well as history.

I simply got my little camera and headed out on my bike. I first went to the Ed Todd Bridge area on New Salem Hwy. before venturing over to the Murfreesboro Greenway.

This photo was taken along the 'shore' of the water area (I suppose that is the Stones River) in the early hours of the morning after Sunrise.


As was this one. Since I have only seen this area from the road, I was unaware there was a small waterfall beneath the bridge. That was a very pleasant surprise and the water falls at the right of the pic.


This is the waterfall - manmade though it is. Photo was taken from underneath the Ed Todd Bridge. BTW, who was Ed Todd?


This is the view from atop Ed Todd Bridge on the other side. There is not much of a shoulder on the bridge and a big truck passed by......... very close......... scared the crap out of me! Still, I think this is a really beautiful view.


So much for New Salem Hwy. Let's head on over to the Greenway, shall we? This is the machine that took me about as I snapped the photos. I entered the Greenway at the Overlook Trailhead located in Old Fort Park. Let me get affix my helmut and off we will go..........


This photo was taken from Lytle Creek looking at the Overlook Trailhead bridge which brings you onto the Greenway. I love the bridges they built for the Greenway.


Now that we are on the Greenway leet us first stretch our legs and take a sip of our favorite beverages. Stay tuned for the Greenway adventures....................

Pt. II

I first rode the Greenway toward Cannonsburg where the Greenway begins (or ends, depending on your view) and since the Greenway skirts Main Street I thought I would go into the Street and take a picture of the Courthouse in the distance. Uhm, not a good picture. Actually, I was looking for Pacman Jones.


There is a small park across from Cannonsburg and a little creek runs between the two. The park today served as home to some sort of dog show and dogs were everywhere. The smart ones found the creek to escape the heat!


The Greenway narrows around Broad Street. Quite honestly, I don't know about the scenery around there because with a trail like below I'm taking that baby at full throttle! Fun, fun, fun!


I think the Thompson Lane end of the Greenway is the most heavily used but I think the beauty of Lytle Creek is stunning in places. Anyone who stays on that end of the Greenway is missing some phenomenal natural beauty.


The view from this bridge may or may not be pretty. All I see is "VROOOOOOOOMMMMMM."


The waterfall on Stones River. I usually see a few people playing in the water but no one was there today.


Another view of the waterfall along Stones River. Kind of blurry.


Well, time to take a little break so take another sip of that beverage. We are going to leave the Greenway momentarily in order to see something else but will return to the Greenway immediately afterward. C'mon, let's go!


Much of the Murfreesboro Greenway runs through what was known as Fortress Rosecrans; The fortress and supply depot built by Union Forces after the battle of Stones River. It was a vital to Union Troops as they continued their advance South and helped supply Sherman's march to the sea. It was a huge fortress and the vast majority of it is now gone. Redoubt Brannon still remains and is preserved but one must leave the Greenway to see it upclose. This photo was taken from inside the Redoubt at a point where a Union cannon would have set. However, no trees would have been between the Redoubt and the railroad during the fortresses' existence since Union forces cleared the entire area of trees.


Ok, back to the Greenway! Hurry up all ye slackers! I'm not sure if this is Lytle Creek or Stones River. There was a point at the Stones River where it seems to break up into several little creeks and this may a shot of that area.


Since I took two photos at the area where the Stones River seems to become a series of creeks then this must be the other one. Uhm, not much of a river......... but I think it's pretty.


Just a photo of the Greenway itself with another cyclist approaching. "Want some of me, Jack?!"


Photo of the railroad bridge which crosses the Stones River; The same bridge which the guns at Redoubt Brannon were to protect at all cost. Uhm, I assume that is the same bridge - at least it is in the same location.


Another pic of the bridge


Just a few more photos and then we will end the journey for the day. Stay tuned.............

PART IV (The Final Conflagration!)

The next photo reminds me of a very serene and pastoral setting in the English Countryside.


That little babbling brooke known as Lytle Creek suddenly opens wide when it meets the Stones River. I saw what resembled a Crane bird standing in the middle of this the other day but he/she was not there today much to my disappointment.


Crossing back over the Overlook Trailhead bridge we take one last look for the day at Lytle Creek. I love that little brooke - very romantic.


And from the other side of the bridge.


I hope you enjoyed the scenic tour of Murfreesboro. There is much by way of natural beauty to this area. I wish we could, as they say, "Have our cake and eat it to." Alas, it is disappearing fast.

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^Great stuff. Thanks for the pics. :thumbsup:

Thank you fieldmarshaldj. I enjoyed taking them and while I think many of these photos show some of Murfreesboro's natural beauty, I can only imagine how beautiful some of these places will look in the Fall season with all the brightly hued foliage.

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