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This was my first visit to Flint and I was expecting downtown to be much larger. I also wasn't expecting so many vacant buildings but it's good to see that some buildings are being renovated and that they have the facade program.

Genesee County Court House


Below is what the 3 historical markers infront of the court house read


Genesee County was organized on March 8, 1836. The previous year the territorial legislature had stipulated that the county seat would be located on the west side of the Saginaw Turnpike "on lands recently deeded by John Todd and his wife" to Walt Beach. Beach would in turn donated two acres of land to the county for "a courthouse and public square, one acre of ground for a burial ground, two churches and two school lots of common size." The first courthouse and jail was constructed on this site in 1839. In 1866 an inmate in the jail burned the structure. The second courthouse, completed in 1867, was replaced by a more spacious building in 1904. That courthouse also burned. On August 31, 1926, the present Neoclassical-style structure, designed by Fredrick D. Madison, was dedicated."


During the mid-nineteenth century a small number of African Americans settled in Genesee County where they found cheap land and employment as barbers, laborers, farmers, carpenters, and domestics. At this time differing opinions in Genesee County about the issue of slavery reflected growing tension nationally. The Genesee Weekly Democrat ran articles unsympathetic to Blacks, but also printed editorials opposing slavery. The Genesee Whig promoted abolition. In 1841 residents formed the Genesee County Anti-Slavery Society and held meetings at the courthouse, which became a venue for national figures who lectured about the evils of slavery. Author,


Future Rowe Building


















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They were taken on August 17 and August 18.

Just so everyone knows I realize that I didn't finish typing the historical marker in the beginning of my post but it won't let me edit anything. Anytime I try it says that I have posted too many pictures.

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Cool pics Zach. Thank you for posting one of the First St. Lofts(the big white building). It looks like its almost done on the outside.

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Excellent tour! I had never seen Flint's Masonic Temple. Nice! Flint has so much history going for it that when it's fully brought back it will be nothing short of amazing.

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Great pictures of Flint! I've been having internet problems these past few days so I wasn't able to see them. But it looks like you had some really nice weather. Appears everything is moving along construction-wise.

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