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Construction begins on 450 ft Tower in Seattle Su


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One Lincoln Tower

450 ft

42 floors


Bellevue, Washington(metro Seattle)

- Building contains a Westin Hotel on the lower floors and apartments on the upper floors.

- There will be 303 hotel rooms in a four star Westin Hotel (located on the lower levels)

- There will be 148 luxury condominiums (named One Lincoln Tower) on floors 19-41 above the hotel, and a 65,000 ft

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4 star hotel for a suburb . . .VERY NICE.

Anything named Lincoln should be a success most cities in the north have some kind of development named after him.

Seattle is so lucky sometimes, you guys really have to thank Bill Gates for a while there in the late 70s early 80s that town was becoming the Walla Walla of the state. ;)

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Guest donaltopablo

Yeah, I definitely have to thank Bill gates. If Microsoft products were so crappy I wouldn't have had nearly the job security I did. Always a need to upgrade, always something to support.

Thanks Bill :)

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