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Toronto's CBD


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Wow. Toronto proves it's a world class city. That's as urban as you can get. I like the way the old facade of the Stock Exchange is still there with the new high-rise tower built around it. Fits like a TV in an entertainment center. Those were some very impressive shots!

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toronto looks like a smaller version of chicago (downtown streetscape)

I haven't been to Toronto, so this is just based on pics, but it doesn't seem any smaller than Chicago, or not significantly anyway.

Thank you, Copper, nice pics, though I have to confess, I always fail to see much of the European look in Toronto pics like you see heavily in Montreal, is this just in the areas photographed, or does Toronto have more of a north american feel to it?

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I would never described Toronto "European", it does have a heavy British influence from its early history which is maintained in most streetscapes...for example:


It has obviously shifted to the more North American approach starting post WW2.

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I wouldn't call Toronto the greatest city in the world, but it is definitely one of the best. My family & I used to go up there for a long weekend and go to the wonderful Theaters, and do some shopping at Hudson Bay Department Store. Also, the views from them the observation deck in the CN Tower are incredible. It is kind of freaky when you walk on the glass floor of the lower deck about 1100' up. I do believe Toronto has one of the Best Skylines in the world and it seems like it has a great street life in the downtown area. Also, I love their city hall buildings. Toronto is definitely a world class city.

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