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We are about 2 weeks out. I am putting together a game plan for the get together. There should be a lot to see all over town.

Sounds great and I'm looking forward to it. I sincerely hope others decide to visit. It's great fun to meet to other forumers face to face.

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Those pictures turned out great! If was a lot of fun to show you around town, hopefully we will see some good downtown growth take place as folks continue to build the lofts and condos in the area. The Mainstreet Cleveland does loft tours once a year to folks who open up their downtown homes for viewing. I think there were something like 15 different units offered for viewing on the last tour with units in Downtown, the 5 Points Area, and insideThe Old Woolen Mill. As you said above Hankster, I will post a dedicated Thread to the Old Woolen Mill with many pictures and information about what

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