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1 N Belmont and Comfort

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mr and mrs bugsy had a great dinner at 1NB. the mushroom tart was the best single plate i've had in richmond.

mrs bugsy had lamb rack that at $44 suggestted that we were in DC. i had veel cheeks at $34 and they were in

something stew like with various good veggies. the room itself was wonderful ! the kir royale to start was made with too much cassis, but our excellant server, vincent, topped it up with some greut to bring it back to what it should be. we had a bottle of dme. tempier bandol that at $60 was terrific tasting if not a tad overpriced.

all in all, very good ! is it AS FINE a dining experience that you should have at $220 (inc T & T) ?? no, but if it were $150, i'd go there monthly.

now with our jeans on we were at comfort on this past sat. we did bring our own Riedel stemware in and were happy to pour a bottle of Seghesio Zinfindel into them ($37). mrs had excellant fried green and i had good fried oysters to start. mains were bbq for me and pork for her. neither was as good as we were hoping for. the sides of okra (great ! ), cheddar grits (not so good), creamed zuchini (killer !) and boiled greens (so-so ) rounded out our quick dinner. our mains arrived before we were halway thru the 1st course. $ 110 all in (and dinner for sunday in the doggy bags)

we're heading over to the cape charles area this coming week-end ...any rec's for us there ??

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Hey, bugsy. I was thinking about you yesterday and wondering why we hadn't heard from you lately.

1 NORTH BELMONT, even if overpriced for Richmond, sounds as though it was a great dining experience for you and the Mrs.

COMFORT is a very popular spot and it's good to get your report.

Come back to the other dining-out thread and visit us sometime soon and often.

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