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Memphis Mags

Memphis Development Publications  

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  1. 1. Which periodical/website is on top of Memphis development news?

    • Memphis Business Journal
    • Memphis Daily News
    • The Commercial Appeal
    • Downtownmemphis.com
    • Memphis Magazine
    • Other

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Which of these do you guys think has the most up to date information on the Memphis development scene?

I hope this works...I'm not poll savy.

most of the time i found out through memphis buis. jrnl. or this site abotu development.

downtownmemphis, is typically my source for photos. but its never updated enough.

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Here's my critique of Memphis media...

Memphis Business Journal-Occassionly a nice article or two. Too much stock and new expansion talk though.

Memphis Daily News-Usually has intresting articles but too small. I wish they had more articles in their paper daily.

The Commercial Appeal-Best newspaper in town but still too few stories.

Downtownmemphis.com-Not updated enough. Their news is just pdf's of stories from recent newspaper articles

Memphis Magazine-Who? lol


Smart City Memphis- Too negative but a good read none the less.

Memphis Flyer- Use to be better but now talks less about development and more about entertainment. They do have a good article every once in a while.

Delta Buisness Journal- Always has atleast one good article but it's only published once a month

TV news

WMCTV is the best source about developments on TV. I just love Joe Birch's enthusiasm about new projects.

WREG is a close second.

WPTY- Not too many happy stories on there.

WHBQ- Not a source of news on developments.

Overall, I would say the best writers in the Memphis area are Andy Meek and Amos Maki. I wish they would follow up on stalled developments along with new ones.

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There is also a new publication on the market called Memphis Business Quarterly from the people who bring us Memphis Magazine. I read their winter 2006 edition recently and was pretty impressed. It's good for long-form, in-depth articles and trends. Good read if you come across one.

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