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I gave it an 8. KC has a VERY nice skyline in comparison to cities our size and cities that are larger (I think it is nicer looking than Saint Louis). It has alot of buildings down there that are considered skyscrapers (according to the sky scraper page). However we need some more glass buildings and mabye some buildings in the crossroads art district to make it even better. It looks kind of weird having a huge cluster of tall buildings in the business loop and then having some old warehouses and then another smaller cluster by crown center. It would be nice to "fill in" the middle area.

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I currently live in KC, but grew up in St. Louis. Over the weekend my wife and I spent a day in downtown St. Louis. I can't believe how much it's grown since my high school days fifteen years ago. St. Louis has a bustling downtown compared to KC, there are many national and unique restaurants and business operating on the ground level of old buildings lining numerous streets. Busch looks great, so does the development near the Landing. I like KC, but I hope we can catch up with St. Louis. I like both cities, so I don't want to start a who's better debate. I do wish more Kansas City residents could see downtown St. Louis to understand how much downtown KC is still lacking - even with the promised redevelopment. I believe KC is at least 15 years behind St. Louis. That said, a city needs to be much more than what the skyline looks like from a distance. The last poster said they like the KC skyline better, but I think it would be hard to like the lack of development on the ground levels of KC's buildings better.

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I spent a summer in KC and I have to say that I love it there. The skyline is excellent for a city its size. Sure it's not bustling all day and night but downtown KC is hurt a bit by Midtown and everything going on not far away in Country Club Plaza and Westport. I wish the stadiums were there instead of Independence, I think that hurts the downtown some.

I actually preferred it considerably to St Louis. In many ways it has advantages over Dallas and Ft Worth, though obviously the size difference offsets it in other ways.

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