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Architects, Architecture student and engineers:

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I need to do a project for class (to hand in tomorrow). I must interview an architect, architecture student, an engineer and a house wife.

I'd really appreciate if any of you could answers these questions as quickly as possible (running on a tight schedule). The project is in spanish, so I may have a few problems translating.

Why did you choose the profession?

What do you like about it?

What is architecture?

what is engineering?

What diferences exist between architecture and engineering?

Wich one is more important?

What are the major problems in the field?

What have been some of your exipiriences in the field?

some abilities, experiences and knoledge needed for this field are:

Dificulties an malpractices?

Job oportunities?

also, please state your name and years as a student/architect/engineer.

Thank you.

Ps: I don't know if this is the right forum to put this, so sorry if it isn't.

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Definitely not the right forum to post this. And what exactly is a "house wife"? I haven't heard that term used in 20 years. Is it kind of like "house slave"?

And nice try getting your paper done the night before you're supposed to hand it in. :rofl:

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