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time to end hatred towards homosexuals


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I am a heterosexual but I do understand thats its not a matter of choice in being homosexual or heterosexual. I think people should stop hating people because of their sexual oriention and stop twisting bible scripture to bash gays.

Look at this way. If the tables were turned and the world were just the opposite of what it is, how many therapy sessions would it take to make you desire members of the same sex and to not desire members of the opposite sex? If I explain it that way, heterosexuals should be able to understand. Its the only way to be able to stand in the shoes of a gay person. Imagine the world pressuring you to be gay and ridiculing you because you are interested in members of the opposite sex. The majority of the nation just can't understand why you desire people of the opposite sex. Its disgusting to them. Thats not a fun world to live in, especially since you couldn't change your orientation to be gay no matter how hard you tried. You just couldn't stomach the notion and how about trying not to like the opposite sex?. Imagine people looking at you wierd or with disgust because you are a heterosexual. Imagine people bashing you over the head with religous text saying you're going to hell if you don't stop likeing members of the opposite sex. If you are a man, dont even think of eyeing that beuatiful woman walking by you but you look and you desire anyway. You just can't learn how to like men and stop desiring woman. By the way, that loved one that you married would be a relationship not approved by the majority in this polar world. You see there is no choice in it at all because thats just the way you are.

This is how it was put to me and it made me understand that its not a matter of choice. To me homosexual are no different from anyone else and I would never treat anyone that is homosexual any differently. It disturbs me that some ignorant county leaders in Tennessee would even dream of banning people because they are gay. Its time to stop the hate.

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