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I walked around downtown on Thursday

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Came for the UConn football game. Flew in Thursday morning and checked into the Marriott. The service at the hotel is very good, union or not.

I walked across past the Old State House to Joe Black's. Lot of folks on lunch break all over the city enjoying a pretty day. Black's is very well done. A bar when you walk in. Nice dining room around the corner and another bar hidden around a corner and down a few stairs. They are still working on a second large dining room/night club. The food was good and the staff was was nice. They seem proud of the place. Eventually this shoukld be a great happy hour spot.

Walked down Asylum and there seemed to be a little happening at the Bond but it wasn't hopping. No idea how long it will take to open.

Cut across and checked out "the new" Coached. They have a lot of work to do. The booths were all torn out but they was action and the Comcast Cable truck was out front.

Cut across to the Park (a pond would be nice along there) and went up Pearl. The Metropolitan roof apartments are well on th way to being finised. It reminded me of San Francisco, the way they just throw apartnments on top of the buildings there. They don't match the building below and I wouldn't want a condo across the street from a fire station. But they are alomost done.

Walked by Trumbull on the Park and checked out Lweis Street, nothing happening there. Cut by Front Street where they we unloading dirt. In have no idea why. And back into the hotel to check email.

Oh, the science center site is has scores - no exageration -- of working surring around.

Great tailgate at the Rent and then UConn pounded URI into the turf. Left Friday morning for South Beach to meet the Mrs. for a little Labor Day vacation, which I'm on, and now I'm off, h back to the pool. So Long.

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