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Tourism leaders' plan for river hits a snag


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San Antonio Business Journal

Apparently San Antonio Tourism leaders want to use the same mechanism that Judge Nelson Wolff proposed for building a stadium for the Marlins to fund improvements to the San Antonio River, which would certainly boost San Antonio's Tourism industry and improve the city's quality of life. However, Wolff is adamant about saving most of it for the possibility of luring an NFL or MLB team here. Personally I think sports team are put on too high of a pedestal in today's culture and I think Wolff is being irresponsible (and Hardberger) by trying to lure a team and fund extremely expensive stadiums when its been proven time and time again that sports team have no positive economic benefit to a city. I think San Antonio can support a second team, but I don't think the city is ready; there are alot of things that San Antonio can fund that will have much more positive impact on a city in the long run. I think San Antonio should try hard to get a football team, but only a UTSA college football with a stadium on the 1604 campus. That would benefit San Antonio and help get UTSA, a proven economic generator, towards first tier status.

Anybody actually care to share their opinion. :whistling:

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