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Downtown St. Paul Project Map

Twin Cities

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Here are a few highlights:

3. Upper Landing - Block 7

Block 7 is under construction. It is a building of affordable apartment being developed by Shelter Corporation.


4. Upper Landing - Blocks 5 & 6

Blocks 5 & 6 will be market rate rental. Probable ground breaking, Spring 2004.

5. Upper Landing - Block 4

Centex market rate townhouses. First phase is ready for occupancy. The second phase is under construction. Additional phases anticipated to be completed by fall 2004, depending on market absorption.


6. Upper Landing - Blocks 2 & 3

Market rate townhomes and flats by David Bernard/Rottlund Homes. Construction on Block 3 has begun. Block 2 will be phased in commensurate with sales.


7. Upper Landing - Block 1

Market rate flats/condos and commercial ground floor commercial space. Expect to close February 2003. Anticipated development 2004

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Many people believe that the Mississippi River divides Minneapolis and St. Paul, which isn't true because the river only separtes few areas. If you were to drive through Minneapolis-St. Paul, you would have a hard time recognizing which city you are actually in. And in regards to the two downtown areas, roughly 13 miles separate the two.

The two cities are very distinct with St. Paul having the ethnic neighborhoods, festivals, and the hometown feel while Minneapolis has the skyscrapers, arts, and nightlife.

St. Paul

Population - over 288,000

7.9% - Hispanic or Latino

11.7% - black

1.1% - American Indian and Alaska Native

12.4% - Asian

10% - other Asian

land area - 52.79 square miles

62 completed high-rise buildings


Population - over 382,000

7.6% - Hispanic or Latino

18% - black

2.2% - American Indian and Alaska Native

6.1% - Asian

3.6% - other Asian

land area - 54.93 square miles

167 completed high-rise buildings

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