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PROPOSED: Washington Street - Mercantile Block

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What is know so far is from the review committee:

DRC Application No. 06.11: 131 Washington Street - Mercantile BlockProposal to restore building. Work includes the reconstruction of historic storefronts, replacement of windows, and conversion of fire escapes to balconies (at the rear of the building).

For those who do not know where this building is visit:

( Click Mercantile Block for photo )

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Isn't this supposed to get leveld for Sierra Suites?

Nope, just the building Cuban and New Japan and Talk of the Town is in. This is the building between that and AS220s Dreyfus Hotel (where there's a print shop and Wheels and a couple other things).

I think the same people who own the Sierra Suites parcel own this (or they are two closely related entities).

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