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Alaska has to income or sales tax. But we get $$$

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Alaska doesn't pay income or sales tax either..

BUT each resident (man, woman, child) who lives in the state of Alaska gets a divident check (PFD Permanent Fund Divident) from the goverment every October since the 1980's when the program was created.

the highest the check has ever been was $2500.00 in 2000. The amount varys depending on the year for the stock market.

just wanted to share that :D

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the dividend check was created in the 1980's by governor Hammond because he felt every resident was part of this.. blah blah i can't exactly remember what he said. But anyways the money comes from all the oil we've been drilling since the 1970's.

However every new governor administration (especially Republicans) always threaten to take the PFD away from us and use it (afterall the state is in a 6 Billion dollar fiscal gap). Our highest PFD was in 2000 with $2500.00 for each resident. Unless ANWR doesn't open, you can bet the amount will continue to go down.

btw fyi the Bush administration is considering using this same system for Iraq.

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