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What's your favorite NC webcam?

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I have a small collection of NC webcams bookmarked but it is amazing how many are out there that you can't necessarily find on Google. One of my favorites (being the beach lover that I am) is Avalon Pier's webcam in Kill Devil Hills. This has to be one of the most durable webcams out there.

I looked at it on the morning of Sept. 1st when Ernesto was at it's peak on the NC coastline. The webcam was functioning as if nothing was going on. I was amazed!!

Below is a screen shot I took of the webcam view on that scary morning during Ernesto. Also, as a comparison, I added another screen shot of the pier from this morning Sept 9th.

Can anyone add their favorite NC webcam to my bookmarks? I also have one of Cape Hatteras.


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