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Adventures on Alien Territory

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Yesterday I recieved a $5 gift card to Target for having participated in a health poll. We needed a few sundries, so after Mapquesting Target, off I drive in the Zenmobile.

Mapquest informs me that Target is no longer in that strip mall near East Paris, but farther down 28th St. aways (as we Michiganders say.) When did they move? Oh, well, nothing like burning up even more fossil fuels in the quest for merchandise. Drive on!

I find the place, and drive through several football fields-worth of parking lot. I note with amusement the red ball "sculptures" placed around the perimeter. I guess Tom Otterness was unavailable that week.

I grab my hemp shopping bags and head in. Things seem to be easy to find. A reasonable amount of clearance stuff here and there...I get everything on the list, plus a few more items, thanks no doubt to strategic product placement designed with marks like me in mind.

I notice there is NO MUSIC playing. That's a big plus! Lurking store planners, take note!

Screaming kids nowhere in evidence. Another plus.

The store doesn't give a rebate for bringing in my own shopping bags. That sucks, and has got to change. The checkout lady seemed apologetic about that. She was very pleasant, and not a motor-mouth.

Upon leaving the store, I decide the red balls are a bit of allright. There were also plenty of places to lock up a bicycle or scooter.

For a rabid chain-store disdainer, it was overall a pleasant experience. I'll be back if I recieve another gift card.

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