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9/11 Anniversary

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In school today, we had 2 moments of silence at the times the World Trade Centers were hit. Trumpets were playing over the intercom. I know kids whose parents were killed in the towers and my uncle was in one but made it out.










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Some pics from the Essex County (NJ) 9-11 Memorial atop Eagle Rock in West Orange, NJ.

I apologize for the low photo quality.

Essex County's 9-11 Memorial sits atop a 600-foot-tall hill in West Orange called Eagle Rock. From the top of Eagle Rock you can see much of New York City and Northern New Jersey. The memorial is located here because it provides an unobstructed view of Lower Manhattan (incl WTC) and it's a place many county residents came on 9-11 to watch, contemplate, and support one another.

On 9-11-06, people gathered across the Metro Region, including at Eagle Rock. There was no formal programmed observence, rather people came and went all day and night to pay their respects and to remember.


Candles, flowers, stuffed animals, and cards were placed around the memorial statues. People gathered around in silence.


To the left and the right of the statues are granite walls displaying the names of all 9-11 victims, their ages, and places of residence. beyond the walls there is nothing but air in the 12 miles between the Memorial and Lower Manhattan. Off in the distance you can see the city's skyline. The twin beams of light, though brilliantly shining in the night sky, aren't captured well here. You can only see them reflecting on a small cloud (that cloudy speck of light you can see above the horizon in the pic below:


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