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Charlotte Coliseum Massive Development - City Park


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On 8/14/2020 at 8:42 PM, KJHburg said:

Usually this would be not be big news but as far as I know this is the first hotel to be started in Charlotte since Corvid 19 arrived on our shores and destroyed our robust lodging industry so it is significant.

""Charlotte-based Shreeji Hotel Group has broken ground on its $20 million, five-story hotel near Charlotte Douglas International Airport.  That SpringHill Suites by Marriott is slated to open in the first quarter of 2022. The development group has teamed up with Marriott International Inc. (NASDAQ: MAR) on that project, located at 2223 Cascade Pointe Blvd.   “The decision to partner with Marriott in developing a SpringHill Suites felt natural, with the Marriott team working seamlessly alongside us to bring this project to life,” says Akshar Patel, Shreeji CFO and partner.  Shreeji also plans to develop a second luxury brand hotel on that 5.7-acre site as well. ""

from the Biz Journal https://www.bizjournals.com/charlotte/news/2020/08/14/construction-starts-on-springhill-suites-near-clt.html

there is a brand new dual brand Hilton hotel next door.  

Sorry to be so negative, but the rendering leaves much to be desired aesthetically.  Maybe I'm not seeing it in the right light, however.

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5 minutes ago, tozmervo said:

I mean, it's a suburban interstate exit hotel. That rendering is probably pretty accurate. 

No issues with accuracy.  I personally find the hotel especially plain and unattractive, and I've seen far better from new Springhill Suites properties, even when adjacent to an interchange or near an interstate.  But alas, when you lack direction in design standards, the void gets filled with such renderings.  I suppose in this economy, the argument will get made that we should be grateful there's even a rooftop.  I'm not raging, just commenting:).

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On 5/7/2022 at 11:49 AM, KJHburg said:

CityPark the old Charlotte Coliseum site is nearing completion.  3 hotels including a dual brand, some retail, lots of apartments, for sale townhomes, a few single family rentals.  Once proposed was office space but now none is planned (and there is plenty nearby)   The newest apartments #11 on the map are going the exact location of the Coliseum and the rest was mainly parking.    Teenager @TheRealClaytonwatched Hornets games here as did I.   I was there a couple of days before the new scoreboard fell. 

https://cityparkcharlotte.com/community/     The row of willow oaks was planted for the entrance road to the Coliseum and they still remain.  New plan includes SF home rentals I guessing by one of the large investors. 















Teenager? I started attending games there when I was 3 years old

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First game I saw there and first game there ever, as I recall, was the 1988 Olympic squad, summer of '88. The team had a scrimmage with the top college players which made up the Olympic team versus an NBA All Star team. This was the last year the Olympics team was "amateurs". The Dream Team was in place in 1992. 

That place was enormous. 


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3 hours ago, CLT Development said:

Teenager? I started attending games there when I was 3 years old

sorry my friend for casting you older!  were you one of those screaming kids near me at a game LOL?

Muggsy Bogues, Kelly Tripuka, Rex Chapman, Dell Curry  etc.  


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